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Dynamic. Organic. Intuitive.

Ravens have long been known to symbolize wisdom and prophecy through generations of storytelling.

Lotus flowers symbolize enlightenment while producing clarity and beauty from muddy waters.


We at Raven & Lotus are a creative and passion-focused Marketing Strategy and Project Management Consultancy for Small B2C and Nonprofit Organizations. In particular, we have a drive to support groups that are passionate about directly serving their community or organizations that are operated by individuals that have been historically marginalized or excluded from the business community. Through the use of Storytelling Frameworks, our purpose is to create both Operations and Marketing Strategies for businesses that want their growth to better serve their communities. 


We see the importance in using a storytelling-based approach to developing strong relationships between customers and communities. It is therefore our intention that through our collaborative work, a business landscape is created based on the affordable access to marketing strategies for an organic culture within the marketing industry.

Our commitment is to making your communication efforts clear in even the most complex situations, by fostering the marketing narratives of your organization through end-to-end Marketing Funnel Development, Branding, Strategic Planning, and Business Operations Support. 


For Raven & Lotus, sustainability is the ability for not just R&L to operate responsibly or to assist your endeavours to make impacts for years to come, but also to dedicate our involvement in the society. We see that it is our responsibility to seek out purpose in our community and ways to grow the health of the areas we serve. To that end, we are a member of the Great Lakes Business Network to protect our water and founded Sonder DEI to elevate our people. 

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Passionate people are our people.

Dynamic |

Relationships are built off of energy and interaction and so too are the strategies and content that we make. We believe that relationships between clients and their customers should be an active exchange with all parties investing and receiving constantly.

Organic |

To create is human. Being creative is unique. And Raven & Lotus seeks to create individualized approaches and strategies that are tailored exactly to our clients and uses approaches that will have them standout.

Intuitive |

We believe that a needs-based approach and focus on the real lives of our clients and their customers will lead to systems and strategies that organically create understanding and deep relationships.

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Marketing & Diversity Equity Inclusion Consultant

Your Strategy Lead!

The clear choice for fresh creative direction or trying to make sense out of complicated projects. If you are looking to market your brand differently than your competitors or want a thorough plan that will engage people in your community, he’s your go-to. 

With 15 years of project management experience supporting nonprofit management, small business marketing, and community engagement, Brett knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two.

His favourite projects have been Intercultural Understanding Strategic Planning at the University of British Columbia, Marketing for Cherry Republic in Michigan, and using a Project-Based Learning approach to teaching High School Social Studies. 

Just Finished: Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back - Leanna Simpson

Now Reading: Raven Master - Christopher Skaife

On-Deck: Blink - Malcolm Gladwell



Brand Marketing & Communications Consultant

Your Identity Ambassador!

Every business, company and service has a narrative, told through the touch points of the assets and communications pieces. From brand name and tagline, core values and objectives, target audience and market relevance to the smallest details such as colour scheme and font, creating a holistic red thread is how to assert credibility and recognition amongst end-consumers. If you’re looking to expand your reach, Alexa can analyze your current tactic and outline the adjustments needed for your vision to become a reality.

With a background in sociology from the University of British Columbia, and experience working in nonprofit, retail marketing and global brand management across Canada, Germany and the UK, Alexa is most driven by putting the people at the helm of a project.

Her corporate exposure amongst luxury brands ranging from automobiles to fragrances has provided a good balance between tangible, retailable stock and larger philanthropic objectives so that just about anything is possible!

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